Frequently Asked Questions

How come you do not give a rating for the places you've been to?

Unless we try out the majority of their dishes, giving a star rating for the entire restaurant based upon a single small experience does not seem fair.

Hey you should really try out this awesome restaurant. How can we suggest some places for you?

We welcome all suggestions! Let us know through the contact form, and we'll add it onto our list of places to visit.

I have a great theme idea for you guys. Can you do it?

Sure! Again, use the form, and we will add it to our To-Do list.

What kind of criteria do you use for places to go to?

We choose restaurants that are within reasonable budget for most people, have something unique about the place, and/or are related to the next theme story that we are building.

What kind of camera do you use?

For most shots, we use the Sony a5000 with regular and macro lenses. For some simple snaps, we just use an iPhone 8+.

I noticed that this website is not created from WordPress. What do you use to build this blog site?

We use a static site generator (Hugo) to template and build this fully responsive AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website. Since we are fully AMP'ed, we do not need to keep and maintain any non-AMP pages for desktop.

What are food stories and how are they different from articles?

Food Stories are similar to Instagram stories and Facebook stories. Our Food Stories are built on top of the open source AMP Story, an alternative full screen technique for creators to storytell.