You Don't Have to Visit Taipei for Great Taiwanese Comfort Food

Kelvin Yan


No one can deny that Taiwanese cuisine is delicious. Are you craving some simple yet tasty Taiwanese comfort food? Turns out, you don’t need to travel 700 km to Taiwan; you can find it right here instead!

We found it at The Night Market in Kowloon Tong. The delicate fusion of Taiwanese street food flavor with elegance and style makes this a worthy restaurant to visit.

We liked their choice of typography used for their restaurant logo.

They just opened a new location on the top floor in the Festival Walk mall this May. There are several other locations in Central, Elements, and City Plaza.

We sampled 4 dishes at this Taiwanese restaurant:

  1. Chinese watercress with preserved tofu
  2. Pan-fried beef soup pastry
  3. Dirty fried rice with taiwanese sausage
  4. Crispy popcorn chicken

Chinese Watercress with Preserved Tofu
Chinese watercress is a common dish in Asian home cuisine. This one we ordered was flavorful and satisfying, but just a bit too salty.
Pan-Fried Beef Soup Pastry
The beef pastry had a thin, rough, crispy texture on the outside. The inside of the pastry was brimming with delicious soup. We had to be careful though — ever watched a Pizza Pop commercial from the 90s? It was hard to keep the soup from exploding out, even with a soft bite 😔!
The soup reminded us of xiao long bao while the crispy exterior and soft beef was a pleasant surprise. Altogether, the taste was amazing. The dough could be slightly thinner. Sometimes, you don’t want the dough to be too thick because otherwise, there would not be enough meat taste and it won’t taste as good. You want there to be the right balance which this dish achieves quite well.
Dry buns are not everyone’s taste. With the soup, it becomes easier to eat and very delicious.
Dirty Fried Rice with Taiwanese Sausage
The best dish out of our 4 was the dirty fried rice. It is the best fried rice dish we’ve had in a long time. The dryness was just right, not too salty, and you could really taste the soy sauce and the sweetness from the Chinese sausage (lap cheong). The texture is really good due to it's perfect moisture content. We wholeheartedly recommend this one.
Crispy Popcorn Chicken
Chicken nuggets are a Taiwanese specialty. The popcorn chicken nuggets dish was smaller than it looked on the menu. It was not the best bang for your buck. Quality and taste wise, it was on par with most Taiwanese restaurants. Most Taiwanese dishes are usually loaded with pepper and spice — you could taste the pepper, but it was not excessive. The fried rice was more worth it for the same price.

The Night Market decor featured Julie & Jesse Fragment pottery as well as custom dinnerware designed by Latitude 22N.

Overall, the food was quite good, reasonably priced, and not too salty. Normally, Taiwanese food can be really salty. Aside from the watercress dish, our food was not exceptionally salty, which we preferred.

Total for 4 dishes cost $300. Even without dessert, we were quite full afterwards.


What we enjoyed…

  • best fried rice dish in Hong Kong so far
  • the pan-fried beef soup pastry was a Taiwanese version of xiao long bao 👍
  • charming, chic ambience

What we didn’t like so much…

  • Chinese watercress was too salty
  • chicken nuggets dish was quite ordinary