The Coffee Agenda Event at PMQ 2018

Kelvin Yan



The Coffee Agenda was a special event hosted at PMQ to satisfy all the coffee aficionados and java lovers. What we thought would be just a coffee event turned out to also include café foods and delicacies, brewing kits, and coffee tutorial workshops. Having a variety of neat and shiny coffee tools truly accentutates the experience of brewing your own handmade coffee, whether for yourself or showing off to a friend! The taste and aroma from these freshly roasted beans with custom flavors was a delight.

There were many showcases, from local indie cafes as well as several international boutiques. Each one had their own coffee stall.

Here was locally owned Glory Coffee, which specializes in retailing their fine roasted beans.

Coniglio Japanese coffee came to boutique this amazing latte with breyers ice cream today. This brand had the longest lineup by far. We waited in line for almost 30 minutes… but it was so worth it! So delicious!! ☕️🍦😛

Look at all these coffee making trinkets!

Some stalls offered coffee samples. Even if the stall looks simple, their strength lies in their awesome awakening coffee aromas.

Sliders and cakes of any size will appease my coffee and snacking needs!

For the luxury coffee shops, these beautifully crafted chocolates and sweets look so tempting.

Thanks to PMQ for hosting this beautiful local event. We did not see any over-commercialization and each stall was able to show off their uniqueness. We will be sure to catch the next one!