Pici the Pasta Bar in Central

Kelvin Yan


Pici is an Italian ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น pasta bar with a location in Central. With the classic 60s feel and walnut-colored decor, the atmosphere sets the stage for a comfortable meal. There was lots of room between tables, and plenty of servers. This lively restaurant immediately creates a terrific first impression.

We are real glad to find this gem as we casually stopped by for lunch on a Saturday, as The Coffee Agenda Event was being hosted at PMQ, located right across the street from this restaurant.

Like many western eateries, it offers courtesy bread to start. We got French bread served in a snug, brown paper bag with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dips. The bread experience could have been improved if it was freshly baked and warm, but still, it was not bad... and one cannot complain about free courtesy bread ๐Ÿ˜.

This restaurant being most famously known for only using handmade pasta noodles, we just had to try it out, and we did, 2 of them: the Orecchiette and Tagliolini.

Orecchiette pasta looks like little thin mushrooms. The Italian sausage was nicely seasoned. There was a slight spiciness and flavor from the n'duja sauce. The pasta was the right thickness to absorb the spicy flavors. It was topped with plentiful arugula.
Tagliolini pasta is easily confused with spaghetti pasta due to similiarities on their shape, but tagliolini is slightly thicker, and with egg on the dough. Here, tagliolini is a vegetarian option served with shallots, white truffle paste sauce, and black truffle shavings. The pasta had a gorgeous vibrant yellow color. The black truffle flavor was not too strong and the white truffle paste sauce went excellent with the pasta.

Their friendly attentive staff kept coming to top off our waters.

Enjoyable experience overall and delicious pasta โ€” would definitely come here again.