Mango Tree Cafe: A Tropical Snackbar in Tai Koo

Kelvin Yan


In Hong Kong, there’s nothing like visiting a Thai cafe on a sweltering day, especially if it serves iced fruity drinks. If you’re in the Tai Koo area, be sure to stop by Mango Tree Cafe.

We stopped by this cafe in the CityPlaza mall feeling a little hungry and thirsty. We tried 4 of their menu’s items and left thoroughly rejuvenated:

  1. Thai shrimp ball · fish ball
  2. Pineapple Chicken Pizza
  3. Tropical Sangria
  4. Mango Sticky Rice
Thai Shrimp Ball · Fish Ball
These fish and shrimp balls had a nice golden color. They were neither too oily nor too dry. We could really taste the fish and shrimp meat inside them. Some Thai restaurants might not use that much shrimp or fish mixed in, but this one was enjoyably different.
Pineapple Chicken Pizza
The pizza had a warm hard crispy crusty. It was a bit thicker than we expected. The chicken and pork floss mixed well with the pizza dough. It has pineapple for tropical style. The pizza was not overly cheesy, and there was a tiny bit of parsley mixed in with each bite to accentuate the flavors. There were raisins too, which surprisingly went quite well with this style of pizza.
Tropical Sangria
The refreshing, and slightly sour drink was the highlight for a hot day. The pineapple and passion fruit's sour flavors open up your appetite. This was an appetizer in itself, from the juice of the tropical flavors and sweetness mixed in. We detected a hint of grapefruit and dragon fruit in there as well. The sangria's shaved ice was blended well with the cranberry juice. The top of the drink was finished off with a fat and juicy lychee and garnished with a bamboo leaf.
Mango Sticky Rice
The rice dessert came with generous chunks of mango. The mango was the perfect ripeness, and wasn't too cold to bite into. It was not too sweet, and not too sour. The texture was slippery smooth, but not mushy. Distinguishing itself from traditional mango sticky rices, this one also came with a scoop of purple rice ice cream. It was delicious, also great for the cooling down experience. It had some coconut milk drizzled onto the mangos, which paired really well with purple rice ice cream. The only thing we might complain about was that the rice was so sticky, it was quite clumpy and a bit hard to break apart.

Our most enjoyed item here was the tropical sangria. Great if you like sour taste. It was the perfect way to cool down from the heat outside.

Our second favorite here was the pineapple chicken pizza. We will admit that parsley, raisins, pineapple, and shredded pork… is a little weird in theory, but Mango Tree Cafe somehow made it taste pretty darn good!


What we enjoyed…

  • all the dishes had a Thai tropical theme to them
  • not too packed
  • food was quite delicious

What we didn’t like so much…

  • the restaurant’s interior decoration has room for improvement