La Vache: French Steak House in Hong Kong

Kelvin Yan


Directly translated as “the cow”, La Vache is a popular French steak house in Hong Kong. There can be a wait as reservations are only for parties of 4 or greater. As you enter La Vache, you notice the dark romantic atmosphere, and the friendly hostess welcomes you in French.

Do you have trouble deciding on what to order when you’re at restaurants? La Vache has a single menu concept. Steak and fries, bread, and salad. You can order off the dessert cart later — the only menu they have is for cocktails, wine, and juices.

Like many steakhouses, La Vache starts us off with bread. The bread was super warm, had an incredibly fluffy interior, and a crunchy and flaky crust. There was a slab of cylindrical butter that was very smooth to compliment it. It was presented quite beautifully and tasted good too.

The salad was made up of mixed lettuce, thinly sliced radishes, walnuts, and a light caesar dressing. There was not too much dressing on the salad which kept it quite healthy and the walnuts were tasty!

La Fleur Germain
The drinks were neatly presented. This was a gin cocktail with St. Germain, lemon juice, and fresh mint. It tasted like there was a hint of lime too.
Steak and Endless Steak Frites
Just in case you had a long and hard day and cannot get full easily, you can get keep getting fries until you are satisfied. We were told from friends that they use chicken soup stock to give their fries extra flavor, though we did not confirm that from La Vache. We did taste the extra delicious kick that these fries had that make it more special than most restaurants.

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Trimmed entrecôte steak
We ordered our entrecôte steaks cooked medium rare — they were cooked perfectly. The steaks were pre-cut and placed on a metal rack, kept hot by a small white candle under the tin dish. Their signature steak sauce was flavorsome and creamy. It was made with mustard, butter, herbs, onions, and various other ingredients that gave it a rich texture and was an agreeable pairing for this steak, though... we prefer to taste more of the pure steak flavor, so we did not use too much of it.
Japanese Egg Pudding Dessert
There was an array of desserts to choose from their mobile dessert cart. We chose to share the egg pudding. The staff patiently waited until we were done eating endless fries before serving it to us. The egg pudding was exceptionally smooth and firm. It was drizzled in sweet caramel sauce and topped off with some whipped cream, succulent blueberries, and sour raspberries.

Overall, despite the restaurant being somewhat pricy, La Vache was an enjoyable and unique experience that we recommend everyone to try at least once.