Kytaly: Posh Italian Bar in Central, Hong Kong

Cathy Cheung


We came here for “The World’s Best Pizza”Kytaly. This restaurant had been saved in our must try list since we heard about it in August 2018. Kytaly’s design uses modern interior decoration with an open kitchen and an outdoor terrace. It brings its unique flavors to the heart of Central, Hong Kong. As the pizzeria does not accept reservations, we came in 30 minutes earlier – 6:30pm – on a Friday night. Since the kitchen would open at 7pm, we had ample time to browse their descriptive menu to choose a delicious pizza to enjoy.

Although Kytaly only opened last month, it has existed for many years as a popular pizzeria located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland. You can check out their Instagram page in the link below ↓

The friendly staff concisely answered our questions about the menu, and even explained the details about the ingredients of each pizza. We ordered:

  1. Parma Antipasta
  2. Alifana Pizza
  3. Tiramisu “Nutella”
Parma Antipasta
The mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP had a refreshing taste and has a texture that feels like soft stretchy milk. We truly enjoyed the smooth and silky texture. As it comes with Parma Ham, these components are worked together to provide a deliciously good combination. The Parma Ham tasted a little salty, even extra virgin olive oil.

Alifana Pizza
The pizza was slightly crispy on the sides, had a unique juicy taste, and was full of smoked cheese and bacon. The fior di latte is superbly melted that makes the pizza taste creamier giving it a more elastic texture. We do really like the texture and enjoy the good-sized portion of Alifana.
Tiramisu "Nutella"
This dessert was layered with a dark chocolate cream on the top and Nutella Sponge Biscuits in the middle and at the bottom. Even with different layers, the Tiramisu is mixed quite evenly with the Nutella. It’s surprisingly not too sweet and we could finish the entire dessert!

On top of all this, we truly enjoyed this place — the vibes and food were lovely here. There is plenty of space separating each table to not feel overcrowded in the dining area. We were especially pleased with the pizza here, and we think it tastes better than most other fancy Italian restaurants. We definitely will come back for other dishes in the future — such as pasta and risotto. The cocktails drinks will be our choice too.

The food was very filling for 2 people. Total for the meal came out to around $600 HKD.