Japanese Ramen in Wan Chai, but first... Coffee!

Cathy Cheung



We visited NOC Coffee, a local HK coffee chain that has several branches in Hong Kong. This one is located on Tai Wong Street, also home to a wide variety of restaurants such as Bakehouse and Verde Mar.

The NOC Coffee in Wan Chai is a boutique, but the quality is just as good as other branches. Finding a seat may be difficult during lunchtime. It’s located next to Cafe Relay.

NOC mainly serves coffee. They had 2 coffee bean choices:
  1. the NOC house blend 34, which was a mixture of Columbia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia medium roasted coffee beans
  2. and the NOC house blend 18, which was a mix of Columbia and Brazil dark roasted coffee beans.
The seating area is fairly small (3 seats and a bench) with a standing area outside; perhaps the cafe is getting more and more popular. It's a great place to rendezvous with a friend and begin your day!
In the 31-degree heat 😓, we chose cold drinks 🥛. The white iced no. 34 coffee (lots of milk).
We also tried the black iced no. 18 blend. It had a light, nuttier taste.
The alleyway outside is artistic and clean. It could be a unique place to sit and generate ideas while admiring the graffiti on the wall.

In terms of price, our 2 coffees cost about the same as Starbucks, $80 for two.

Aside from a small cake selection, there isn’t anything to eat at the cafe; so, after coffee was done, we walked down to our next destination — and only a few shops away: Kamitora Tonkotsu in Wan Chai.

Kamitora Tonkotsu (神虎麺商店) is a cozy little ramen bar also on Tai Wong Street in Wan Chai. Their shopfront is low key — for many, this place could easily be missed.

The restaurant had ample seating when we arrived, although we went in at 3 PM when most would be enjoying mid-afternoon tea. The decor is simple, with the elegance coming from the food.
Ramen masters at work.
The star of the restaurant — tender and juicy pork chashu.

We ordered their signature Kamitora ramen and their black garlic oil ramen.

Kamitora Ramen
Inside the kamitora ramen (with no additional toppings added) were red onion, an egg, two meatballs, spring onions, and black fungus. The soup base was quite delicious. It tasted fresh and rich, enriched from the pork fat.
Perfectly cooked ramen egg (ajitsuke tamago).
Black Garlic Oil Ramen
The black garlic oil ramen had a unique flavor. The soup tasted like it had a generous helping of pan-fried garlic chips grated in. Garlic was not overly strong that it would take away from the natural soup base. Without additional toppings, it had everything the Kamitora ramen had, minus an egg.

The fresh meatballs with black pepper combined with red onion, spring onions, and black fungus created a fine, refreshing taste.

Two bowls of ramen cost slightly less than $200. It was slightly less filling than we would have liked, though we would say it is a great lunch spot.


NOC Coffee

What we enjoyed…

  • beautiful, modern cafe

What we didn’t like so much…

  • Not guaranteed to find seating
Kamitora Tonkotsu

What we enjoyed…

  • Mouthwatering chashu
  • Rich and delicious soup base

What we didn’t like so much…

  • One bowl of ramen probably won’t fill you up