A Delicious Weekend Brunch at Holly Brown Coffee

Kelvin Yan


We visited the Holly Brown cafe on Stanley Street in Central to try out their Brunch Set Menu. It is a spacious cafe with large seating areas. The cafe also boasts a huge array of gelato flavors and customization to choose from. We may try those colorful and delicious looking gelatos next time! We came here for a light lunch after we were finished a hike up and down The Peak.

We ordered the smoked salon with penne in creamy sauce and their New Yorker bagel.

Smoked Salmon with Penne in Creamy Sauce
The mushroom and smoked salmon blended well in this dish. The penne was not too hard nor too soft. There were some onions which helped contain the smoked salmon taste that accentuated the freshness. Usually restaurants need to add a lot of cheeses or cream to make this taste good, but the refined mix helped make this a super delicious dish.

The New Yorker Bagel
We love bagels with a wide multitude of ingredients. Inside this delectable poppy seed bagel was beef pastrami, mustard, gherkin, tomatoes, swiss cheese, and rocket and cream cheese. The gherkin gave it a unique sour taste, and all the flavors blended together nicely.
Americano and iced latte
The brunch menu came with drinks as well. The espresso taste was nutty and strong.

At around $100 HKD per set, this was a relatively inexpensive meal in a relaxing cafe. This place is a good stop on any day at any time and we are sure to return!