Coffee, Croissants, and Lobster Rolls in Central Hong Kong

Kelvin Yan



From shopping to sightseeing, you are bound to get hungry from all that tiresome walking. So why don’t you treat yourself to a coffee and pastry? We stopped by Urban Works Bakery in Central, Hong Kong to give our legs a break and try out this cafe in the affluent Landmark mall.

The restaurant was located on the 3rd floor, beside Pret a Manger.

We tried the Langoustine Croissandwich with Curry Emulsion and the Ugly Lobster Roll, their signature sandwich.

With a wide variety of sandwich meats — such as lobster, smoked salmon, cream cheese, chicken tandoori, or roast beef, and paired together with so many types of bread — this cafe should have something you'll crave.
Don't let them call you ugly, you are beautiful to me 😊
Ugly Lobster Roll
Our lobster roll was mixed with avocado, chilled cream sauce, and stuffed into a large thick slice of garlic toast. I will admit that our lobster roll had slightly less lobster than we would have liked, but it was delicious regardless.
Langoustine Croissandwich with Curry Emulsion
Our croissandwich on the other hand, had the perfect bun to shrimp ratio and it was stuffed with cherry tomatoes and Batavia lettuce, inside a light and flaky croissant. The curry emulsion sauce was noticeable, but not strong enough to remind yourself that it was curry.
Even at 3 PM on a weekday, this place is busy.
Urban has several cakes that are appealing to the eye. We were full, but maybe next time we will come back for dessert.

For drinks, we tried a coffee and a tea. We had a hot cafe latte and an iced lemon tea. For those of us used to the sugary and sweet Hong Kong style milk teas, these drinks tasted ordinary — even a bit on the bland and boring side. Also, this cafe had a no straws policy which made drinking our iced tea awkward 😕. Total price for everything: around $200 HKD.


What we enjoyed…

  • wide selection of meats, seafood
  • many different types of buns
  • roomy

What we didn’t like so much…

  • lobster roll was stingy on the lobster
  • drinks were fairly low on sugar and on the bland side
  • no straws